My sand castle hasn’t held its shape

“Do you know how when you’re a kid at the beach in the middle of a hot summer day, and the best thing to do is dig holes in the sand right near the shoreline? So you start digging and as you dig the set sand around your hole keeps caving in. But you keep digging anyway because in your youthful naivety, you’re still making progress. And then some wave breaks a little closer and the foamy water sloshes all your hard work away. And yet you’re still convinced that if you try again you’ll make it farther. Well that’s what my life has been like. This naive child pulling away all the crap that rests around my true purpose, my true happiness. But I’ve lost the will to dig anymore. I’ve aged past that naivety. All I can see is every crashing waving pulling me further and further away. I don’t want to dig anymore.”


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