I told her once that I loved her
And she said
“I’ll miss the way your fingers felt dancing on my skin,
Like shadows disappearing as the sun sinks behind the trees,
Or when the rain falls gently over the cracked pavement.”

I told her once that I loved her
And she told me she knew

I told her once that I loved her
And we shared a silence together
Glimmering moments without movements
Just pure existence.

I told her once that I loved her
And she smiled in affirmation
That we both knew she wouldn’t be around
To hear those words a second time

I told her once that I loved her
I told her once.


Love is a dangerous thing
But insincerity is worse.

Black spot, black stain

Don’t try to piss it away.

Drink until it’s unhealthy

Watch this body decay

Up and down up and down

Keep your arms in the window

And the doors fully locked 

It’s a nightmare out there

And it’s even worse inside me.

Born To Forget

​Drove past your house tonight

Wondered if you still think about me

Thought about

The thoughts you’d have about me

Do you remember me fondly?

Or am I just another face

You were born to forget?

I drove past your house tonight 

And I wish I didn’t know it was yours

I wish I was born to forget your face 

But that shotgun smile you shot me

Years ago still burns in my mind

And I cannot break the image

Of that ivory white smile

I wish I could forget about you

Like you’ve forgotten about me

Strange We Should Meet Here

​You’re a thorn for sore eyes

I’ll bite down hard

Sew stitches through my lips

Fashion these sutures 

With scraps of used cloth

The medical kit collecting dust

In the far stretch of a cluttered corner

Running hallways with rotting floors

I’m falling again

Strange we should meet here

Strange you would be here

Strange is this new found stain

Strange is this dream