Your Thoughts, My Words.

Maybe we were just fools
Who thought we were in love
And we found ourselves
Intimate with love
So we forced our way
Through restless nights
And worn out goodbyes
To pretend we had
Everything we wanted
Only to realize
It would never be enough


A Past Love

You had a two-eyed stare
That I’d never seen before
It was a new look to me
One brown and one blue
And we sat in the empty hallway
Laughing about who knows what
And I think that even though
Nothing became of that night
It was the first night
I remember feeling love.

Am I Here, Where I’m Supposed To Be?

I always feel

Like I’m standing in line

But out of place

I’m where supposed to be

But at the wrong time

Or the wrong shirt

I always feel like seconds pass

And I move my feet

To the rhythm I hear

But my steps hit crooked pavement

And I’m thrown off course

But I’m still standing on the sidewalk

I’m always feeling out of place

Before The Flood

I miss the way your touch
Made the coldest parts of my body

I miss the way your laugh
Broke a smile across your face
To make mine do the same

I miss the way I felt
When I thought it would always be
You and I

I miss the way it was always
You and I

I miss you
I do not miss I

Every Door Is An Entrance And An Exit

‚ÄčI stumble wearily through the dark

But my conscience steps 

Lead me to placement

Where I find a stagnant door

Its cracking splinters aim at me

In protest of my arrival

And the pungent smell of rust emanates

from the lock

Twisting the knob, biting my tongue

Chewing at sutures I find absent in light

As I pass through,

My saving grace threshold

Finds my awkward footing

And here I stumble again

Wearily through the dark

Our Past; My Nightmare

I tried my best to reconcile my heart
And convince you I was worth it
But you had your mind set
On being content without me
And I remember one of the last things I said
“This will probably be the last time we ever see each other”
And it wasn’t because you were leaving
It’s because I can’t bare
To ever see the worst thing to hurt me in this world
And it’s too bad
Because you’re too beautiful